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My book arrived and by chance my little 8 year old nephew was with me as well as Grandma. We settled down with a warm hot cholate and a few biscuits and began to read.
I have to say from page one we were laughing and Joshua was looking through the pictures and asking me to read the first paragraph again. The way in which you have written this book instantly made us laugh. The characters were brilliant and the illustrations were a hit. The book was written in a way that we knew how to read with character voices so Joshua could continue laughing. He didnโ€™t even finish his biscuits he was hooked. I think we read several pages over and over till he wanted to move on. It was truly a phenomenal read from start to finish and we really canโ€™t wait for the next one. Joshua even started to draw his own Trolls, he has a lot of creative ideas and this was good for him to learn a little more about drawing and being imaginative and putting it into something he enjoys like books!!

What else can I say other than โ€˜absolutely brilliant, a pleasure to read and so much fun for an evening with my nephew โ€“ Thank you Mike

Kate Rainbow 33 and still laughing!

Michael Molloy

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    Nana Troll was a funny book to read, , illustrations were really good , i really enjoyed reading this book , looking forward to the next one .


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