Welcome to Nana Troll’s Website!

This website is all about me and my nana.
I spend a lot of time with my nana.
When I’m at Nana’s house I have great fun doing all sorts of stuff, mostly going out for walks with nana and her dog.
When we go out we have all sorts of amazing adventures. I’m not sure if the nanas of other children are like mine. My nana is a troll.
Nana has a really strange dog called Ugly dog. Ugly dog goes out on walks with me and nana and he follows us almost everywhere we go He’s got the strangest fur and weirdest teeth, and he can’t bark like other dogs. He just makes a strange screaming noise when he’s excited and a very odd grunting noise any other time.
Nana is amazing and she can do everything! She can play football and even parachute from a plane. She’s great!
There’s another thing about nana that’s different from all other nanas and that is that she eats all sorts of stuff that you just wouldn’t believe. She loves snails and slugs, and she even has a little slug & snail farm in her shed.
Her kitchen always smells like a boiled onion, and sometimes she has things in pans that have got eyes!
My nana’s favourite thing is going to the tip where she collects all sorts of rubbish. She calls it useful stuff & she loves making use of things other people throw away.
She makes all sorts of cool stuff out of other people’s rubbish.

My Nan is the oldest person in the world, but she’s the best nana in the world as well! I love my nana. It’s never boring at nana’s house.

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